The Retina Society presents four awards at its annual meeting:

  1. The Award of Merit in Retina Research
  2. The J. Donald M. Gass Award
  3. The Fellowship Research Award
  4. The Raymond R. Margherio Award

The Award of Merit in Retina Research Presented in Conjunction with the

Charles L. Schepens Lecture

Charles L. Schepens

The Award of Merit in Retina Research was created in 1978 by Retina Research Foundation, Houston, Texas, to recognize outstanding vision scientists whose work contributes to knowledge about the retina and retinal diseases. Each year, the Awardee is invited to give the Charles L. Schepens Lecture, a highlight of the Retina Society annual meeting that was established in honor of the founder of the Society. The award offers a $50,000 cash prize that includes a $5,000 honorarium and a $45,000 research grant. The recipient is chosen by the Awards Committee of the Retina Society. Funding for the award of Merit is provided by Retina Research Foundation through a series of endowed gifts that are dedicated to the Award. The Retina Research Foundation of Houston, Texas presents the Award of Merit in Retina Research to a vision scientist whose work represents:

  1. A single outstanding achievement in retina research, or;
  2. A potentially significant contribution to new knowledge about he retina, its role in the visual process and/or vitreoretinal diseases or disorders.

Prior recipients of the Award are:

2018 Paul Sternberg, MD
2017 Michael Klein, MD
2016 Steve Charles, MD
2015-Thomas Gardner, MD
2014-Peter A. Campochiaro, MD
2013-Cynthia Toth, MD
2012-Richard Spaide, MD, New York, NY

2011-Michael Marmor, MD, Stanford, CA
2010-Eliot L. Berson, MD, Boston, MA
2009-Mark Humayun, MD, Los Angeles, CA
2008-William S. Tasman, MD, Philadelphia, PA
2007-Lloyd Paul Aiello, MD, Boston, MA
2006-Carol L. Shields, MD, Philadelphia, PA
2005-Anthony P. Adamis, MD, Boston, MA
2004-Emily Y. Chew, MD, Bethesda, MD and
Frederick L. Ferris III, Bethesda, MD
2003-Stephen J. Ryan, Los Angeles, CA
2002-Bradley R. Straatsma, MD, Los Angeles, CA
2000-Barbara E.K. Klein, MD, MPH, and Robert Klein, MD, MPH, Madison, WI
1999-Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, MD, New York, NY
1998-Joe G. Hollyfield, Ph.D., Cleveland, OH
1997-Stuart L. Fine, MD, Philadelphia, PA
1996-Gabriel Coscas, MD, Paris, France
1995-D. Jackson Coleman, MD, New York, NY
1994-Dr. Kathleen Dorey and Dr. Francois Delori, Boston, MA
1993-W. Richard Green, MD, Baltimore, MD
1992-Ingrid Kreissig, MD, Tubingen, Germany
1991-Ronald Michels, MD and Bert Glaser, MD, Baltimore, MD
1990-Matthew M. LaVail, Ph.D., San Francisco, CA
1989-Matthew D. Davis, MD, Madison WI
1988-Harvey A. Lincoff, MD, New York, NY
1987-Harris Ripps, Ph.D., Chicago, IL
1986-J. Donald M. Gass, MD, Miami, FL
1985-Oleg Pomerantzeff, Dipl. Eng., Boston, MA
1984-Werner K. Noell, MD, Kansas City, MO
1983-Arnall Patz, MD, Baltimore, MD
1982-Harry G. Sperling, Ph.D., Houston, TX
1981-John E. Dowling, Ph.D., Boston, MA
1980-Robert Machemer, MD, Durham, NC
1979-Richard W. Young, Ph.D., Los Angeles, CA
1978-Charles L. Schepens, MD, Boston, MA

The J. Donald M. Gass Lecture

Donald J. Gass

In 2006, The Retina Society inaugurated the J. Donald M. Gass lectureship. Dr. Gass was a peerless observer of the fundus. His unique and repeated ability to identify fundamental patterns of disease from the mass of seemingly chaotic details invites sincere comparison to Michelangelo working in marble. With this lectureship, we honor his memory as a warm and cherished member and friend as well as his inestimable importance to our patients and our field.

Previous Award Recipients:

2018 Stanley Chang, MD
2017 Lawrence Singerman, MD
2016 Mark Blumenkranz, MD
2015 Evangelos Gragouas, MD
2014 Alexander J. Brucker, MD
2013 Michael Trese, MD
2012 Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MD

2011 Mario Stirpe, MD
Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, MD

2009 Philip J. Rosenfeld, MD
2008 Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, MD
2007 Lee M. Jampol, MD
2006 Carmen A. Puliafito, MD

Current Award Selection Committee for both the RRF award and the J. Donald M. Gass Award:

Mark Johnson, MD, Chair
Emily Chew, MD
Ivana Kim, MD
Stephen Kim, MD
Carl Regillo, MD
Bernard Doft, MD

The Retina Society Fellowship Research Award

The Fellowship Research Award is given to one or more Fellows for outstanding original work in any aspect of vitreoretinal disease. The Margherio Award is given for outstanding original work in macular diseases or surgery. These awards carry a stipend that will cover normal travel and lodging costs to attend the Annual Meeting in Boston. In addition, the award winners will be featured prominently in the program, and their registration fee will be waived. All abstracts will be considered for both awards, with the final selection made by the Awards Committee.

The Retina Society Fellowship Research Award was established in 1996 to encourage academic pursuit in young vitreoretinal surgeons and to acquaint them with the scientific and social aspects of the Society. The applicant must be sponsored by an active member of the Retina Society. Each paper is judged on originality, quality of investigation methods, and merit of scientific contribution.

Past Award Recipients:

2018 - Thomas Wubben, MD, PhD, Sponsored by Cagri Besirli
2017 - Sun Young Lee, MD, PhD, sponsored by James Folk
2016 - Elad Moisseiev, MD, sponsored by Susanna Park
2015 - Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD, sponsosred by Antonio Capone
2014 - Francisco A. Folgar, MD, sponsored by Emily Chew
2013 - Glenn Yiu, MD, PhD, sponsored by Glenn Jaffe
2012 - Lejla Vajzovic, MD, sponsored by Cynthia Toth
2011 - Cagri G. Besirli, MD, sponsored by David Zacks
2010 - Brian L. VanderBeek, MD, MPH, sponsored by David Zacks
2009 - Sandra Rocio Montezuma, MD, sponsored by Joan Miller
2008 - Mehran Taban, MD, sponsored by Peter Kaiser
2007 - Sai Chavala, MD, sponsored by Thomas Lee
2006 - Polly A. Quiram, MD, sponsored by George Williams
2005 - Francisco Max Damico, MD, sponsored by Lucy Young
2004 - Sean S. Ko, MD, sponsored by Shizuo Mukai
2003 - Seenu M. Hariprasad, MD, sponsored by William Mieler

2002 - Franco M. Recchia, MD, sponsored by Allen C. Ho
2001 - David N. Zacks, MD, sponsored by Joan Miller
2000 - Magdalena Krzystolik, MD, sponsored by Evangelos Gragoudas,
Enrique Garcia-Valenzuela, MD, PhD, sponsored by James Puklin

1999 - Thomas C. Lee, MD, sponsored by Shizuo Mukai
1998 - Ingrid Scott, MD, sponsored by Timothy Murray
1997 - Andrew Chang, MD, sponsored by Lawrence Morse

The Raymond R. Margherio Award

Raymond R Margherio

The Raymond R. Margherio Endowed Memorial Fund was established to support research into macular disease and development of new techniques of macular surgery. The Fund will support an award to be presented annually to a vitreoretinal fellow of an Active Member of the Retina Society. The fellow will present his work at the Annual Meeting of the Retina Society. The winner is selected by the Research Award Committee.

Past Award Recipients

2018 - Amirfarbod Yazdanyar, MD, MPH, Sponosred by Susanna Park
2017 - Prethy Rao, MD, MPH, Sponsored by George Williams
2016 - Xi Chen, MD, sponsored by Cynthiaa Toth
2015 - Devon Ghodasra, MD, sponsored by Thomas Gardner
2014 - John B. Miller, MD, sponsored by Evangelos Gragoudas
2013 - Dimitra Skondra, MD, sponsored by Joan Miller
2012 - Anthony Daniels, MD, sponsored by Ivana Kim
2011 - Marc-Andre Rheaume, MD, sponsored by Shizuo Mukai

2010 - Daniel F. Kiernan, MD, MPH, sponsored by William Mieler
2009 - Catherine Cukras, MD, PhD, sponsored by Frederick L. Ferris, III
2008 - Edward F. Hall, MD, sponsored by David Zacks
2007 - Stephen Kim, MD, sponsored by G. Baker Hubbard
2006 - Jasmine Elison, MD, sponsored by D. Jackson Coleman
2005 - Michael Ober, MD, sponsored by Lawrence Yannuzzi
2004 - Howard S. Ying, MD, sponsored by Morton F. Goldberg
2003 - Antonio Ciardella, MD, sponsored by Stanley Chang
2002 - Eugene S. Lit, MD, sponsored by Donald J. D’Amico

The Current Selection Committee is:

Prithvi Mruthyunjaya, MD, Chair
Rajendra Apte, MD
Amani Fawzi, MD
Deeba Husain, MD
David Zacks, MD

The Retina Society acknowledges and greatly appreciates the hard work of both Award Selection Committees. We also thank all members who have sponsored applicants and ask that all members continue to support these awards.

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