Retina Society Research Fund

Scope and Logistics of Research Grant

  • Up to $50,000 may be divided into up to two grants to support research by Retina Society members.
  • While the grant(s) may be awarded as deemed appropriate by the Retina Society and delegated committee, the goal is to award:
    • One grant for basic science or translational research.
    • One grant for clinical research.
  • Grant submissions will be graded in a masked fashion by a Retina Society delegated committee based on study design, feasibility, and perceived clinical relevance. Members of this committee will be ineligible for consideration of these awards.
  • Awardees may only receive one grant and will be ineligible for additional grants.
  • Deadline for the applications is June 1, 2020.
  • Grant recipient(s) will be announced annually at the Retina Society meeting.

Grant Expectations and Funding Guidelines

  • Proposed research should attempt to advance our understanding of vitreoretinal physiology or pathophysiology or pursue avenues for potential therapies. Priority will be given to projects which hold the greatest promise for eventual clinical application or better understanding of retinal pathophysiology. Clinical projects may focus on medical or surgical vitreoretinal topics.
  • The proposed research is recommended to be able to be completed within 1–2 years. Exceptions to this may be granted by the Retina Society delegated committee upon request of grant applicant(s).
  • Funds should be designated for direct expenses including equipment, supplies, and non-physician salary support. The funds should not be designated for indirect expenses including investigator(s) salary support, overhead, travel expenses or publication costs.
  • Proposed research must conform to accepted standards of research conduct (e.g., ARVO Guidelines for Use of Animals in Research, Declaration of Helsinki, etc.) and receive appropriate institutional review board approval as necessary. The Retina Society and involved committee are not responsible for judging or assessing appropriate research oversight.
  • Distribution of Research Grant:
    • 50% of funds will be distributed upon awarding of the grant.
    • Remaining 50% of funds will be distributed upon submission by the awardee(s) of a progress report to the Retina Society delegated committee.
  • Progress Report: Required to be submitted by the awardee(s) to the Retina Society delegated committee annually (June 1). The first progress report may be submitted earlier than the first anniversary in order to allow distribution of the remaining 50% of funds. Each progress report should include a summary of work completed, work planned, a detailed report of actual expenditures, and time estimate for completion.
  • In general, the results from the research are expected to be presented at the Retina Society annual meeting within 3 years of the award. Awardee(s) are encouraged to indicate in their progress report when their research is ready for presentation at the annual meeting.
  • Any meeting presentations or publications related to this project are expected to acknowledge the Retina Society Research Fund.

How to Apply

Complete all applicable sections of the online application form and email the following documents to Judy Cerone Keenan at

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Brief letter of support from a colleague or mentor regarding the scientific merit and/or clinical value of the proposed project

Deadline: June 1, 2020

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