Our mission is to reduce worldwide visual disability and blindness by promoting the education and professional interaction of vitreoretinal specialists, providing optimal care for patients with vitreoretinal diseases, and encouraging, through clinical and basic research, the discovery and development of new means to further patient care.

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About the Retina Society

The Retina Society was founded in 1968 and began as an outgrowth of alumni meetings of Retina Associates, a retina practice founded in Boston in 1951 by Charles L. Schepens. Dr. Schepens is credited with establishing retina surgery as a sub-specialty.

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The Retina Society is a preeminent ophthalmic subspecialty society that was founded exclusively for educational and scientific purposes concerning the diagnosis, care and treatment of diseases and injuries to the retina.

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The Retina Society Underrepresented in Medicine (RESOURCE) Program is a research mentoring program now available for ophthalmology residents